Am I a Bisexual?

I like same sex?opposite sex?both sexes?These questions make you not sure whether you are a bisexual.

While it normally happens whenever they are younger, bisexuality is something that can happen at any age. You will need to make sure that you understand what these feelings are so that you can participate in them in a way that is healthy and beneficial to your sexual orientation.


If you find yourself attracted to people of both sexes, then there is a good chance that you are experiencing bisexual thoughts and feelings. Some people can simply find sexual attraction in both sexes; it does not mean that they actually want to have sex with both sexes. It is up to you to know how far you want to take it.


A lot of the time, bisexuality is something that starts as a curiosity. People want to make sure that they have tried out all of their options and know what it is that they want out of life sexually. When it come to sexuality, it is normal to be curious about what it would be like to be with both sexes.


Experimenting is something that is very common in bisexuality. If you are having bisexual thoughts, then you should not hesitate to experiment with both sexes. You may find that you prefer one over the other but it is a good idea to see how you feel about both. It is usually best to do this with a person that is more experienced so they can put you at ease.

If you have more questions or still curious you could visit Bisexual Forum to seek out answer.

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Wanna date a sexy Bisexual Girl?

Bisexual people have the capacity to love people of their same gender or of a different gender. This can include physical, sexual, and emotional attraction, and/or relationships. Over time in life, a bisexual person might feel attracted to men, women, transgender people, and/or genderqueer people, or to one gender in preference to the others.

There are many tips could tell you how to date a hot bisexual women:

Step 1: Be open minded. Some people think that bisexuality is a bad thing, and it certainly has its unique challenges. However, being bisexual is just another manifestation of human sexual diversity.

Step2:Try looking at online dating sites.  such as #1Bisexual Dating Site This is one of the ways that you can take one look at a woman and know whether or not she’s bisexual. Her profile says it all. It’s never a good idea to go up to a lady in a bar and say, “Hey, do you do both men and women?”.

Step3:Visit a bisexual and lesbian bar. If you’re over 21, this might be the most obvious place to try and meet someone. Some women have luck meeting partners in bars, others find the atmosphere superficial and hard to get to know someone. And alcohol can always alter your judgment. My suggestion is to go to a bar with some friends. Check the scene out and see if you feel comfortable.

More first date tips you could visit

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